Please remember that uses a two step approved sale process. The seller must approve the transaction before the buyer can pay for the item. This is done to eliminate stolen payment methods or unauthorized transaction sales. This process protects both buyer and seller and is intended to preserve the integrity of users.

Once you have won an item there are two ways to manage the shipping.

  • 1.If the seller already has already assigned a FREE or flat rate shipping to the item or items, the system will prompt you through the payment transaction process.
  • 2.If a seller has not assigned shipping costs, the buyer needs to click on the postage & shipping tab located on the listing page under the pictures. You will then be prompted to pick the desired shipping rate you prefer. Once you select the preferred shipping rate, notify the seller and they will reconcile the final sale and include the charge when they approve the sale. You will then be able to access the item in your “Members Area” and complete the secure payment process. 
  • In many cases shipping can save money on shipping charges buy getting the best rate estimated by the system. 

We require buyers and sellers to register to initiate transactions. You are not required to register to browse listings. This is for buyer & seller protection. It eliminates fraud transactions and authorizes payment activities to be directed to the user/card holder or authorized account person. You cannot buy a product without verification. This is for the protection of all parties using the site


Steps to 'SIGN UP" 

1. Select "Sign up" at the top of page

2. Set user name and password.

3. Verify your account by clicking the link in your email that we send you. 

4. Click on members area

5. Scroll down left side to "My Account"

6  Fill In your info under 'Personal Info & Account Settings"

7. Once that is complete return to home page, click on the "Sell Tab" and the system will guide you through the listing process to completion.

If you have any problems please send email through the "Contact Us" Tab on the bottom of the site and we will assist you. 


With our following website process, an unauthorized buyer or a buyer who does not have an authorized Credit Card or payment Transaction Company such as PayPal associated with their account, is restricted from purchasing items as our sellers require secure and authorized payments.This protects both buyers and sellers and preserves the integrity of the users on our site. To accept purchases the seller must have an active user account, and purchases cannot be processed without the seller’s approval. This is great news for our buyers and sellers as we have taken a great amount of consideration to protect their products and transactions.

The superb advantage in buying and selling on is the most fail safe secure transaction process available to date. As online Credit Card fraud and unauthorized use of Credit Cards has always been difficult to manage online, our site is designed to give you the highest level of protection available.

When a purchase or bid has been placed and a buyer has won that item, these payment steps begin.

1. The buyer is prompted to check out.

2. The seller will get an invoice notification in their “Sales” Tab located in the member’s well as an email notifying them of the sale.

3. The seller then clicks and accepts the buyer’s bid or purchase offer. This step also approves the Site Fees if they apply and the final sell price.

4. The payment page then opens and the transaction is processed securely using PayPal or Braintree Payments which is a PayPal company. Both PayPal and Braintree have authorization processes in place. 


If you are SELLER it is strongly recommended that you use Braintree Payments or PayPal as your preferred financial processing company. Both companies are secure and feature the latest in fraud protection. Their sites can be found at www.braintreepayments,com or Please set your preferred method in the member’s area under Account Settings. Sellers should use their Member Area for all settings, email messaging and activity.

It is also recommended that you open a USPS, FEDX, or UPS account so that precise postage and handling can be calculated by you. It is not a requirement to do so but it enables a more accurate shipping estimate for heavy or bulky items. Our site calculates the shipping as close as possible, however, weight and size can vary depending on the item.

The Basics of Using eYABBER.COM

Thank you for using eYABBER. We are committed to be the best manufacturing resource site on the web. With your help and support, we are confidant you will be more successful and make more money than on other sites. We also know that buyers will come to respect this pin-point single source site for manufacturing and industrial products. This website is designed for ease of use and gives you a larger variety of listing options at discount prices over other sites. The website consists of a minimal amount of home screen functions to allow you to interact with the site in a more efficient manner. These are the tabs you will access most frequently. You will also notice the sleek look of listed items that are simple to read, navigate and interact with. The “Function” tabs and links shown on the homepage are as follows:

Members Area Tab

Logout Tab

Wish List Tab

Home Tab

Buy Tab

Sell Tab

Stores Tab

Shopping cart Tab

Currency Calculator Tab

The “Resource and Reference” tabs displayed on the bottom of the website are there for you to reference and help you find informational resource data. With the exception of the site fees tab, these tabs will be less frequently used and hence located out of your main navigation area.

To begin using eYABBER, you must create an account with us. This is a standard process for all sale & auction sites and your data is kept secure and safe. You will be prompted to sign up on the site, once that is done a confirmation email will be sent to you for authorization. This is to make sure someone is not signing up with your information. Once your registration is complete you will have an account within the eYABBER website. You may then list items, buy items, set up a store and interact with others in the eYABBER site. You payment method information is directed through Braintree Payments. You may be required to open an account with Braintree to process PayPal, Credit Cards, Debits and other monetary transactions. All transactions are safe and secure through Braintree which posts all its information & terms at or PayPAL eYABBER does not process payments whatsoever and uses Braintree Payments as our payment processing portal. You do not have to be a member of to browse the website, only to list and purchase is a verified registration required.


Once you have signed into eYABBER the member’s area is the best place to track and have full access of your account. It will display you are a verified user and active. In detail through the variety of tabs on the left side of your member page, you can obtain your account summary, your email messages, you’re buying records, selling & listing records, store information, leave feedback for your customers and access your profile and account information. We have also included a convenient fee calculator for estimating your listings. It is strongly recommended that you use the member’s area and become familiar with it as this is your personal dashboard.


Once you have completed your activity on eYABBER, use the logout tab to end your session or simply close the website out.


This tab is used to collect items you are watching and want to keep in a listing for easy reference. By accessing the wish list tab, the site will keep a record of the items you want to watch and visit again later.


The home tab will return you to the main eYABBER home page. It is recommended that you bookmark the eYABBER home page on your computer for quick website re-launch ability.


To browse and bid, purchase or wish list any item, go to the “BUY” tab. Browse categories and reference exact search phrases. There are literally hundreds of categories on eYABBER because we are a global site; some product definitions are interpreted differently in other countries. We suggest clicking on the main category header then navigating from there. In time the segments will be expanded or condensed based on usage. If you bid on an item or purchase it, all the data will be in your private members area page. The site will prompt you and notify you that you have items to pay for and transactions to be completed.


At eYABBER we have made the listing and selling of items very user friendly. To list and sell your items simply access the sell tab. The site is simple and prompts you as you go along. If you make an error while entering data to a posting, the site will alert you at the time of the error. If you make a mistake after you have posted an ad, simply go to your active ads in the member’s area and on the right of the ad are color coded tabs for editing. Click the edit ad, change your data and repost. Please pay careful attention to the shipping costs. You may offer free shipping but international and heavy items may cost a substantial amount. The shipping estimator is part of the site to guide you but is not precise. eYABBER is not responsible for any shipping errors or discrepancies so be aware of shipping costs! You will notice the spaces to type your data is large, we allow subtitles at no cost and a variety of data uploads. All transactions are processed by a third party in a secure environment.

Selling Tips:Take good photos of your products, (Good Lighting, Clear & Sharp) show all sides to demonstrate the products condition and to give the potential buyer a good view that will make them more apt to pursue your item.

Upload the first picture that you want to appear as the main photo and then upload up the balance up to 11 additional photos. It's important to first upload your feature picture to be assured it appears as the main photo.

Write a detailed headline and take advantage of the FREE Sub-headline and write a catchy attention getting tagline. You can attract buyers by making your ad stand out.

Price your ad fairly. Some sellers are looking to liquidate items and are not as concerned with getting the best possible price. Lower priced items get more significantly more action. While it is true that many online buyers have choices and look for deals, some buyers are in immediate need of particular items and see the true value. You may get more than you expected with similar situations to this.

Communicate openly and honestly with buyers. The better information you provide, the better response you give to their questions, will increase your value as a seller and you are apt to get more traffic on your ads and sell more on a regular basis.


To run a store, you must access this tab and set up your store. Choose your store name and the site will prompt you through the setup process. There are 4 choices for storefronts, pick the best one based on your anticipated listing counts. If you wish to bulk list using excel file uploads, there is instructions in the members area selling tab.


This tab holds all your purchased items so you can check out with “Buy it Now Pricing”. The shopping cart functions exactly as other websites on the web. It’s easy, and it’s Free! Your customers will appreciate the fast access when making purchases.


You will notice in the upper right hand corner a drop down currency selector. All items are displayed in US dollars. If you are paying for an item in a different currency, the converter will calculate based on your countries currency.

Upon a completed order that is ready to ship. Package the item so it ships efficiently and the enclosed item is adequately protected. Make sure the carton is sealed properly for transit and take every precaution to get your sold item to the buyer in the same condition as it was purchased. The balance of the site tabs are for you reference. We offer tips, listing rates, T&C, privacy statement, news, help, and resolution suggestions. Thank you and enjoy the site.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: Displayed in the "News Page"


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