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eYABBER is the most comprehensive and targeted auction related global e-commerce website on the internet today. With our global reach, we give you the ability to list, sell and purchase products in a secure environment. It is a fresh approach to e-commerce within the online industry. When you list with us, we market your ads "FREE" of charge; your products get recognized in all countries that have open internet architecture and your ads can easily be found in an organized format.

Consumers are dissatisfied with listing fees and sale commissions on the big sites that are very costly. This is why eYABBER is so awesome. It costs nothing to list and a $1.00 to sell. Every business and individual has a certain amounts of unused or not needed items just sitting around that could be converted into cash. Why not put it up for sale on eYABBER rather than store it and taking up space. If you can sell these items and make money, why not; If you can purchase items at significant savings, why not?

When listing or buying on eYABBER, you are engaging directly with a safe and secure website that allows buyers & sellers to work together in a professional environment. No sale can be completed without the seller’s final approval. We are secured and follow PCI compliant regulations with respect to payments & transactions. eYABBER.com does not handle your money; all transactions are managed between buyer & seller and are processed directly via PayPal and their affiliate partners.

Finally, a solution has arrived for you that is affordable to buy & sell online, and that gives you an alternative choice for your online activities. This is a site you can access daily and can list and buy from very specific categories. This site is organized and will save you time scrolling through thousands of generally listed products. We are also mobile device compatible so you can access your ads through a tablet or phone.

The choice is simple. eYABBER is so affordable you can list all you want for free which is a huge significant saving over time. With eYABBER you keep more money in your pocket when you sell.... All of this adds up to convenience and savings. The advantages of eYABBER combined with its affordable footprint, makes it an obvious choice as evidenced by customer testimonials.

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