We are providing a global online e-commerce marketplace that is flexible and that can accommodate a vast variety of distributors, dealers, manufacturers and manufacturers representatives. We have developed a very comprehensive approach to satisfying these groups and their unique requirements. With many different yet specific selling needs, we are the first manufacturing website site to provide direct selling services beyond the traditional list it and hope it sells theory.

To connect buyers and sellers globally, eyabber.com can provide a dedicated account representative assigned to your specific account to be part of your selling support team. Imagine that, a website with dedicated account service representative. You have someone to call, someone to help, someone to market your products to specific customer demographics. We are not a call center and we do not make solicitation calls, we simply support you and your business when using eyabber.com.

Our goal is to provide a useful online portal for you to market and sell your products. For additional information Please inquire directly to eyabber.com at this link for account management pricing and details. contact-us@eyabber.com.

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